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Ronnie developed the program in 2010 having experienced 8 years of sobriety himself. This venture afforded him the opportunity to not only give back to the sober community, It allowed for him to help others help themselves just as he had. Monica describes him best as the most gentle man she's ever known with a genuine heart filled with love and compassion for people who simply need a second chance!

The ministry survives today because of continued blessings from God and forgiveness. 

Ronald Nichols

Chief Executive Officer(CEO)/Director

Our Leadership

Monica Nichols

Chief Financial Officer(CFO)/Co-Director

Monica is a Senior Solutions Consultant specializing in Corporate sales of Imaging solutions. She loves People and  building new Friendships. Ronnie describes her best not only as "his truest blessing from God" But also as having the most generous heart and being the strongest woman he knows who has stood beside him in every aspect as she continues to learn through Gods instruction. As the Co-Director/CFO of Second Chance she operates the daily program structure strictly from her heart!

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